Delta-Telecom transmission network is built on the basis of DWDM and SDH technologies in accordance with world practice. High-speed connections and international exits between regional centers are provided through the transmission network. Our network is the largest network infrastructure of superhighways in the Caucasus region. DWDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) equipment with high bandwidth is mainly used as long-distance and country-to-country communication transmission systems. Depending on the type of manufacturer, DWDM equipment using wavelength multiplexing technology ensures the transportation of an appropriate number of channels over one optical pair using 80/88/96 wavelengths. Delta-Telecom has upgraded the existing transmission network. The PSS project implemented by our company allowed us to further increase the network bandwidth. Thus, as a result of the use of Nokia and Huawei equipment, it is possible to organize a secure transmission of 100/200/400 Gbit/s channels along with 10 Gbit/s channels at the same wavelength. As a result, Delta Telecom Transmission has increased the network bandwidth to 8.8 Tbit/s. Currently, the Delta Telecom transmission network provides transportation of large capacities to the country and the organization of transit channels in the direction of Iran, Russia and Georgia. The network infrastructure allows us to organize both internal and transit channels, and, as a company, we are able to provide such services to our customers.

                We have a network infrastructure built on the basis of SDH ECI (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) technology to provide small-volume digital channels.

           Today, our transmission network successfully provides services to government agencies, private and foreign organizations, network operators, Internet service providers and corporate customers. The network infrastructure is completely built both internally and externally. This also ensures that we provide our customers with an uninterrupted service.

Types of services that the transmission network can provide:
E1 level internal and transit channels
STM1/STM4/STM16/STM 64 level internal and transit channels
1 Gbit/s level internal and transit channels
10 Gbit/s level internal and transit channels
100/200/400 Gbit/s level internal and transit channels